Best IQ Option strategy 2019

Trading platforms provide people with a lot of various strategies. This operational way was chosen by IQ Option to conclude as much profitable transactions for users as possible. A really successful strategy will give you a chance to make more exact prediction and analysis of todays market situation.

However, what mistake many new traders make is that they consider trading as just a game or a lottery.

These people think that they will likely be lucky and fortunate to make huge profit. However, the most important thing to do in this kind of work is to make choice of a suitable trading strategy. Some traders use their own trading strategies, but in this best IQ Option strategy 2019 article every dealer-in-goods will find for himself something useful for trading.

– It is also advisable to try your strategy using demo account before investing real money

Choice of right strategy

The dealer-in-goods must remember about their own views and methods, attentively study every aspect and try to successively work with suitable options. It is not a game or a set of not difficult patterns that will assist you in making money.

You should have some skills to understand specialties of the market, find information concerning its principles and study different strategies to choose your own. Professionals are able to make fabulous profits since they usually study the market very carefully before starting to do real trading. They learn its features, try to use various ways and risk.

After that they choose their own strategy. Apart from choosing your strategy thatt will help you to make profit, it is also necessary to wait some time before the strategy will start working. Choice of the strategy, its studying will maybe give you the understanding of trading with an agent as a lucrative process, not a game.

Novice traders may study patterns of strategies which were used by professional traders before.

It is a define scheme working in the middle. And it is not just for deals' control and transformation. It's mainly for analysis of the market, technical aspect, indexes of various indicators, algorithms, etc. Every approach functions on the basis of separate principles, but each model can possess its own advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing a definite strategy you should study every strategy's features. It will help you to protect your assets.

Pros and cons


  1. low risk percentage; strategies possess a lot of different features, that’s why a number of trading risks minimizes; it concerns various assets: gold, goods or currencies ,oil, etc.;
  2. we are rounded by simple things; every strategy you have has an algorithm; when trade time hasn’t ended yet, you should only place your stake on: down or up;
  3. control; this strategy assists you in your risk realization; you have an opportunity to make a choice: win or lose; a transaction has only two variants;
  4. potential; a lot of dealers-in-goods are attracted by digital contracts since it gives an opportunity to conclude transactions practically with no risks; simple transaction equal to good profit;
  5. accessibility; digital contracts are a twenty-four-hour system giving dealers-in-goods an opportunity to work anytime; every agent provides a dealer-in-goods with a card having a time mode; that’s why the user always has an information about real time in every world place;
  6. market choice; you have an opportunity of market area choice for transactions making; it can include currency, indexes, stocks or different goods.


  1. fall of coefficients level; in case the agent proposes payments of 80% , the transaction terminates and the ratio decreases;
  2. marketing instruments; a lot of agents propose a large number of useful instruments, but they are not always suitable for the current work;
  3. index loss; a definite percentage of loss exists, so, out of 70% of successful dealers-in-goods, one dealer-in-goods can get one loss of 85%; if you do not want to lose money, you should have 55%.
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